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Jeroen De Wandel (°1980 Ronse, Belgium) lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. He studied photography at Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium.


Central themes in Jeroen De Wandel’s work are time, family, alienation & astonishment, looked upon from different angles, which results in sometimes abstracted, very tactile images, always with a touch of reality in it, that can change of identity or story in function of the place they get in a series/expo, where composition and interaction between the images is central.

He tries to transfer a certain feeling to the spectator that entices phantasy and makes him/her travel in his/her own mind to experiences he/she had in his/her past. In that way, through the images, he tries to communicate from one’s mind to another. Mostly starting out of personal experiences (which can be an emotion, memories, old family related material, found magazines …), sometimes from external factors, playing with reality and irreality. It is unconscious work and too defined borders can disrupt the open mind that he tries to use to look at the world.


It’s autobiographic, because the way or working expresses fears and desires  from the photographer’s unconsciousness. Every picture is a piece of his identity, where he carefully constructs new stories which results in an own visual language.