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2020 Circulations, 104, Paris (FR) (14 March - 10 May) ON HOLD

2020 Vanpey, Groupshow, Vorst (BE) (17 April - 17 May) POSTPONED

2020 Kanon Festival, Gent (BE) (25 April) POSTPONED
2020 Labo #5, Leuven (BE) (20 - 25 May) POSTPONED TO 2021


2020 Antenna, CC De Stroming, Evergem (BE) (9-22 Feb)

2019 PEP, Groupshow, Tête, Berlin (D)

2019 Fotofinish, Groupshow, Rietveldpaviljoen, Amersfoort (NL)

2019 Bar Brutaal, Gent: 8/09- till 31.10 (Spar & Berg will be shown in this group expo with Bert Bossaert, Hanne Lamon)

2019 VSAC-Art & Science, Leuven

Group Show With Ritsart Gobyn, Hannah De Corte, Tanya Long, Hans Op de Beeck, Patrick Ceyssens, Alexandra Crouwers, Frederik De Wilde, Felicitas Rohden, Lies Caeyers,...

2019 Art United, Pukkelpop, Hasselt

2019 FoMu-30 days of tiff, Groupexpo, Antwerp
Group Show With Egon Van Herreweghe, Titus Simoens, Elena Aya Bundurakis, Ulla Deventer, Ann Vincent, Bertrand Cavalier, ...

2018 Verschil Maken, Groupexpo, Tielt

2018 .tiff: a future oriented annual showcase by FotoMuseum for upcoming Belgian talent (4-10-2018, FoMu, Be)


2018 Semi Zine: Print edition #1: publication

2018 Re-Bild, Gent, Be

Group Show with David Bruneel, Christophe Simoen, Eric De Loof, Erwin Van den Brande

2018 Publication Enso, Unveild Magazine, Uk

2018 Semi Zine Instagram Take-Over, Uk

2017 Turn/Return, Brugge Foto, Brugge (05/12-7/1, Be)

2017 Recyclart, Brussel (28/11-27/1, Be)

2017 Land Van Fotografie: groupshow, Gent (11-11, Be)

2017 Designmuseum, Gent (Tumult, 19/04/17)
Group show with Willem Boel, Maranne Walravens, Tine Peuteman, Flore Tanghe

2017 A Photographer’s Journal, zine+expo, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam (NL, launch 07/04/17)
Group show with Vincent Delbrouck, Lara Gasparotto, Danny Griffioen and many more

2017 Pastorij, St Amandsberg

2016 Academy of Fine Arts, try-out

2016 Braakland, FoMu Fotomuseum, Antwerp

2016 Jardin d'Amis, Gent

2016 Arles, Les Rencontres - Affichage Illégale

2016 1989, duo expo with Nadja Zheksimbaeva - Academy Of Fine Arts, Gent

2015 An Sich/t/, Group Expo, Lindenlei, Gent. Work: Synthesis