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2018 Verschil Maken, Groupsexpo, Tielt (6-12-2018/26-1-2018)


2018 .tiff: a future oriented annual showcase by FotoMuseum for upcoming Belgian talent (4-10-2018, FoMu, Be)


2018 Semi Zine: Print edition #1: publication

2018 Re-Bild, Gent, Be

Group Show with David Bruneel, Christophe Simoen, Eric De Loof, Erwin Van den Brande

2018 Publication Enso, Unveild Magazine, Uk

2018 Semi Zine Instagram Take-Over, Uk

2017 Turn/Return, Brugge Foto, Brugge (05/12-7/1, Be)

2017 Recyclart, Brussel (28/11-27/1, Be)

2017 Land Van Fotografie: groupshow, Gent (11-11, Be)

2017 Designmuseum, Gent (Tumult, 19/04/17)
Group show with Willem Boel, Maranne Walravens, Tine Peuteman, Flore Tanghe

2017 A Photographer’s Journal, zine+expo, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam (NL, launch 07/04/17)
Group show with Vincent Delbrouck, Lara Gasparotto, Danny Griffioen and many more

2017 Pastorij, St Amandsberg

2016 Academy of Fine Arts, try-out

2016 Braakland, FoMu Fotomuseum, Antwerp

2016 Jardin d'Amis, Gent

2016 Arles, Les Rencontres - Affichage Illégale

2016 1989, duo expo with Nadja Zheksimbaeva - Academy Of Fine Arts, Gent

2015 An Sich/t/, Group Expo, Lindenlei, Gent. Work: Synthesis